Across the African continent, UR Agriculture manages agricultural/farming businesses and provides advisory services on behalf of a wide range of agricultural investors.

Agricultural Asset Management

Under contract to our clients, UR Agriculture develops and manages agricultural assets, which include the farmland and associated farming operations. Our management services covers livestock, broad acre cropping and horticulture, relying on extensive experience with large scale agricultural enterprises that are geographically and commodity-diverse.

Our life cycle approach to assisting investors includes entry strategy, strategic agricultural portfolio development, best practice management of agricultural and farming operations, and exit mechanisms to maximize returns.

Consulting Services

UR Agriculture features a dedicated consultancy and research division. We serve clients representing a spectrum of stakeholders from investors to primary producers, and leverage the team to strengthen our Agricultural Asset Management and Corporate Solutions initiatives.

Consulting engagements include due diligence, feasibility studies, business planning, commercial reviews, sector analysis and strategic planning.

Corporate Solutions

Through our Corporate Solutions division, UR Agriculture offers investors a holistic service including concept advice, strategic planning, structuring, implementation planning, performance reviews, and portfolio management.

The Corporate Solutions division combines the agricultural experience of UR with the finance and investment expertise built across UR Group over the past dozen years, adding value for our clients and providing “whole-of-life” solutions.

Driving Productivity

Recent farm surveys in the region show that the agriculture sector achieved real productivity gains of approximately 2.5% p.a. during the past several years, outperforming most other sectors in the economy. This accelerated growth magnifies the large gap between marginal, average, and top performance in the field. Farms with higher productivity gains have been able to cancel out the effects of declining terms of trade, achieving returns commensurate with the traditional asset classes such as equities and real property.

UR Agriculture uses a holistic process, analyzing and improving myriad facets of every farm business to drive continuous improvements in productivity:

  • Production Systems

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Land Management

  • Water Management

  • Adverse Effects of Climate Change

  • Portfolio Structuring and Specialization

  • Infrastructure

  • Human Resources

  • Local Community

  • Domestic and Global Market Opportunities

  • Workplace Health & Safety

  • Financial and Investment Management

  • Business Performance Monitoring and Evaluation