UR Corporation is committed to providing high quality and competitive products and services across a spectrum of industry sectors. UR was established in 2002, coinciding with the liberalization of the electric power industry in Tanzania.

Within five years, UR was elevated to a Class One contractor, and today is trusted to execute projects of unlimited value in power generation, high voltage and medium voltage power transmission and distribution.

Because of the company’s success in the electric power sector, UR is rapidly expanding to help its local and global partners leverage emerging opportunities across East Africa. Based in Dar Es Salaam, UR remains independent and is positioned to accelerate projects across neighboring land-locked countries including Zambia, Congo DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.


UR Corporation is led by its founder, Mr. Awadhi Zuberi Athumani. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and worked with TANESCO in Dar es Salaam from 1981 to 1993 before entering the private sector. Recently, Mr. Athumani was honored as one of the entrepreneurs from Tanzania invited to participate in the US-Africa Summit hosted by President Barack Obama in August 2014.

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The most important asset for UR Corporation is its people. Health, personal safety and environmental safety are the leading priorities for company leadership every day. UR conducts business with an organization-wide commitment to Total Quality Management.

Driven by teamwork, integrity, transparency, and accountability – UR Corporation provides unparalleled service as a leading partner to governments and private sector organizations throughout Tanzania and across East Africa.